Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Hey readers!

Can't believe how long I haven't written on my blog. The year has gone so quickly. It is now 2014! Can you believe it?!?

In 2013 I had many amazing experiences. Such as:
-I competed in a gymnastics competition
-I have been on holiday twice
-I am being put in for the level 6 SAT paper
-Entering a Christmas card competition and had a highly commended on my entry
-My teacher has left on maternity leave as she is having a baby

                                               ^^^^ Its my hotel's pool and slides!

On one of the recent holidays I went to Gran Canaria with my step brother and sister.
Despite the fact we only went for 1 week we had the best time of our lives.
Such as:
-Having an amazing hotel,
-Meeting people from all around the world and becoming their friends,
-The incredible beach,
-The massive shopping centre!
-Last but not least we went to the water park.

I thought the water park was the best bit although it was still having some construction being done near the wave pool. The slides were breath-taking. One of the scariest ones was the boomerang. HAVE YOU SEEN THE MASSIVE DROP?!? It was terrifying! I went on it with my step brother, Zac. He's barely afraid of anything! So when we got on it my mum tried to take photos but she kept missing therefore she made me and my step brother go on it 3 times! After that I was exhausted.

Another incredible experience was when I went swimming with sea lions! We were in a group of about 9 and we were all in the tank with the sea lion. We did tricks with it. Some of the tricks were: making it jump throw the hoop you were holding; it fetching the ring you threw it but the best of all was when you were able to ride on its back threw the water! I have many pictures of me and the sea lion. The sea lions name was Bruno. He was soooooo cute! We had photos taken with it. Even though it was amazing the water tasted of raw fish and really really salty water. Maybe one day you could swim with a sea lion.

I think that is all for now than readers,

Love Write On. xxx

P.S. It is my birthday on February the 12th. What have you got me as a present? ;) byeeeeeee

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