Friday, 12 April 2013

My Very Yummy Evening!! :D

Hey Readers!
I know! Today I have done 2 new posts after not doing one for several weeks! (Sorry about that)

This blog is about today (12th of April) and what fun I have been having! The thing I wanted to blog about was near the end of the day. So what happened is after my uncle had had a hard day at work we went to a resteraunt called Gourmet Burger Kitchen. ( There I had the most tastiest burger I have ever eaten! Then after having a lovely dinner, we went home to have some pudding!

Before we went out me and my auntie were in the middle of baking a cake then we realised the time and that we needed some jam therefore we decided that we could nip to the  little waitrose and grab some cheap jam. When we got home we spread the jam onto the declious cake whilst my uncle took the photos below the article. After we had eaten the cake our comments were that it was better than the ones we love in Marks and Spencers! 

Thats all for today! (Hopefully)

Thank you for reading!

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